What Profession Has The Highest Divorce Rate?

What Profession Has The Highest Divorce Rate?

It may be surprising for people to hear that their profession may have an impact on the likelihood that they will be divorced at some point in their lives. However, this correlation has been established through various studies. The nature of some types of jobs puts a strain on a marriage that can lead to divorce.

As of 2000, approximately 16 percent of Americans who had been married previously were either divorced or separated. This average does not properly reflect the wide ranges of divorce rates in specific demographics. Profession plays a big role in whether or not a person will remain married to the same partner for life.

Why are people who work in specific professions more likely to get a divorce? There are several reasons for the trend. People who work in positions where they are likely to meet many different people throughout the day may be more likely to divorce because of their exposure to new friends. Bartenders and waitresses would fall into this category.

People who work in professions that demand long hours or differing shifts are also at a higher risk of being divorced. For example, nurses are listed in the top 10 professions with the highest divorce rates. Long shifts and lots of overtime may put a strain on a marriage by leaving professionals little time to spend with their spouses.

High-stress jobs also cause a high rate of divorce for professionals employed in these positions. For example, factory workers, telephone operators and telemarketers all have divorce rates over 28 percent. Emotional distress caused by working high-pressure jobs has the potential to affect a person’s home life in a negative way.

While the reasons outlined above may contribute to high divorce rates for certain professions, it is not always apparent why people in specific industries are more likely to divorce. Roofers, maids, concierges and massage therapists all have high divorce rates. The profession with the highest divorce rate is dancer or choreographer. People who work as dancers or choreographers have an average divorce rate of approximately 43 percent.

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