Is Divorce Better Than An Unhappy Marriage?

Is Divorce Better Than An Unhappy Marriage?

Married couples typically begin their lives together envisioning the happiness and intimacy that they will share in the future. However, when their happiness has faded, many couples debate whether or not to get divorced. As they contemplate their choices, people may ask if it is better to stay in an unhappy marriage for their children’s sake or end their unions permanently. They can reach their decisions confidently by keeping these facts about unhappy marriages and the impact on kids in mind.

Many couples believe that staying in an unhappy marriage would benefit their children more so than getting divorced. They think that their divorce will adversely affect their children and cause them to become mentally and emotionally scarred. However, evidence suggests that children suffer more when they are exposed to their parents’ bickering and fighting. This exposure can cause children to develop low self-esteem and even suffer from chronic depression later.

With that, parents can actually help their children grow and develop into happier individuals by getting a divorce rather than staying in their unhappy marriage. When they get a divorce, parents can focus on reestablishing separate, but more peaceful, households for their kids. They can eliminate any harmful emotions that plagued their family in the past.

More importantly, people should realize that it is never safe or practical to stay in an unhappy marriage that is also marked by abuse. When they expose their children to violence, whether it be violent words or actions, people should understand that they are laying the groundwork for their children to learn and mimic their harmful behavior in the future.

When they truly want to safeguard their children’s future, people should pursue a divorce rather than stay in an unhappy marriage. They will find out that their children can flourish and will not necessarily be irreparably harmed by the union’s end. Those individuals who have experienced divorces in their pasts also have a better understanding of how to proceed with their own in the future.

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