Questions To Ask When Hiring A Divorce Attorney

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The decision to seek a divorce is rarely taken lightly, and the step is usually taken only after considerable effort has been put into saving the relationship. However, once the decision is made, selecting the right divorce attorney is a logical next step. The decision is an easy one if there happens to be an accomplished matrimonial attorney in the …

adminQuestions To Ask When Hiring A Divorce Attorney

Facebook (Social Media) And Divorce

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In the last decade, social media has become a huge part of everyday life for people around the world. When things happen, whether good or bad, someone is going to post it on Facebook or Twitter. What many people neglect to realize, however, is that these public statements and photos can have negative effects on certain aspects of their lives, …

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The Different Types of Divorce

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The conventional portrayal of divorce on the silver screen and TV is usually marked by contention over serious matters like child custody and deciding who gets what when all is said and done – not to mention emotions running high, sometimes with dramatic events unfolding because of those emotions – but in reality, that form of divorce, legally known as …

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Avoiding the Top Ten Mistakes Couples Make During Divorce

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Divorce can be emotionally and financially devastating. The emotions and stress that accompany a divorce frequently cause individuals to make rash and ill-advised financial decisions that have a far-reaching impact on their financial future. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to avoid many of the common financial mistakes that couples make when they are going through a divorce. 1. Failure to …

adminAvoiding the Top Ten Mistakes Couples Make During Divorce

The Effects of Divorce on Children

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With many estimates of the divorce rate in the U.S. hovering around 50 percent, it stands to reason that many of the marriages coming to an end involve children. While studies examining the short- and long-term effects of divorce on the children of a marriage abound, some research indicates that much of the concern about these effects may be overstated, …

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