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Making the decision to divorce a spouse is never an easy one. In many instances, the couple may be unsure if they really want to end the marriage and opt for a trial separation period. In California, couples can enter into a legal separation for a period of time instead of divorcing. A legal separation is an option for those in a traditional marriage or a domestic partnership. Below is an overview of the options couples have in California regarding divorce and legal separation. If you are going through a divorce and need advice, it may benefit you to speak with a lawyer before proceeding.

Divorce Options In California

In California, couples have three basic options when it comes to dissolving their marriage. These options are:

  • An Annulment
  • A Legal Separation
  • A Divorce

Couples do not have to agree in California when it comes to dissolving a marriage, either partner can file for a divorce. This is true even if one partner does not want the divorce to happen. Because California is a no-fault state, the person filing for divorce does not have to provide the court with proof of wrongdoing on the behalf of their spouse.

What Is A Legal Separation?

Some couples want to wait a bit before deciding to go through with a divorce. These couples often choose to file for a legal separation. When couples choose this option, they cannot remarry because they are still legally married to their spouse. Some reasons a legal separation may be a good idea for some couples include:

  • Divorcing Is Against Their Religious Beliefs
  • They Are Unsure They Want To End The Marriage
  • Financial Reasons Make Divorcing Difficult Or Impossible
  • They Cannot Meet California Residency Requirements For Divorcing

What Decisions Does The Court Make In A Legal Separation?

Many couples find they need court intervention to guide them through their legal separation. This is one benefit of having a legal separation instead of separating without going through the court system. Couples who are having trouble agreeing on things can ask a judge to create an order to guide them. Some things an order may cover in a legal separation are:

  • Child Custody
  • Child Visitation Schedules
  • Monetary Support For Either Spouse
  • The Division Of Marital Assets And Property
  • Who Pays Certain Household Bills
  • Who Carries Health Insurance For The Family

What Are The California Residency Requirements?

In order to file for a legal separation in California, couples must meet certain residency requirements such as:

  • One Spouse Is A Full Time Resident Of California
  • An Ammended Petition Can Be Filed After A Certain Length Of Time Has Passed If The Couples Wants To Divorce

If the couple is engaged in a domestic partnership instead of a marriage, the residency requirements are as follows:

  • If The Domestic Partnership Was Registered In California
  • If One Partner Is A Full Time California Resident

Filing For A Legal Separation

While you can file your petition for a legal separation pro se (without a lawyer), it may be best to obtain legal counsel before proceeding. In order to file, you must:

  • File In The Correct County
  • Fill Out The Forms To Petition The Court For A Legal Separation
  • Prepare A Summons For The Other Partner Involved
  • Fill Out Property Declaration Forms
  • Complete Child Custody Forms For The Court’s Consideration

The decision to file for a legal separation is a good option for many couples. If you need help completing this process, contact an experienced family lawyer for advice. Having a lawyer to prepare your petition and guide you through the process may shorten the process so you can go on with your life.

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