Spouse Equity

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Continuation of health insurance is a major point of concern for many people when they are going through a divorce. Generally, spouses are listed together on one spouse’s health insurance policy. After a divorce, one party may be forced to find new insurance, which may more expensive or less robust than the policy they were on with their former spouse. …

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Using Neutrals During A Divorce

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During a divorce, many couples require the expert advice of professionals from a variety of different disciplines, including accounting, finance, psychology and other areas. The preference is to find someone who is not biased toward one party or the other – a neutral expert or simply, a neutral. These professionals can advise both parties in the divorce without concern regarding …

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Family Court

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Family Court Overview Legal cases involving families require a certain level of tact and care to ensure the safety, integrity, and happiness of the involved family members. Rather than allow such cases to get lost in the jumble of civil, criminal, and probate cases that go through the courts, court clerks often assign these matters to family courts. Because of …

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Selecting a Divorce Attorney in California

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Over the past years, divorce has become an everyday activity in the United States. Going through the divorce process can be both emotionally and mentally challenging. It is a hard process for all the family members especially when children are involved. Regardless of the reasons behind the divorce, the most crucial step involves finding a divorce attorney. His work is …

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Divorce in California

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California has three ways to end a marriage: legal separation, annulment and divorce. Legal separation ends a marriage, but spouses are still married. Spouses aren’t legally allowed to remarry. Many married couples choose a legal separation instead of a divorce because they may not want to end their marriage for personal or religious beliefs. An annulment nullifies, or makes a …

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How to Hire a Family Law Lawyer

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Proactive Measures to Take before Hiring a Family Lawyer When it comes to protecting your legal interests, you are your own best ally. You bear the responsibility of doing your own research and finding out what processes you will have to navigate to achieve the desired outcome of your case. Even so, you still may need to partner with an …

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Legal Separation In California

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Making the decision to divorce a spouse is never an easy one. In many instances, the couple may be unsure if they really want to end the marriage and opt for a trial separation period. In California, couples can enter into a legal separation for a period of time instead of divorcing. A legal separation is an option for those …

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What Does The Length Of Marriage Mean To A Divorce Case

What Does The Length of Marriage Mean To A Divorce Case?

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When going through a divorce, there are many factors that figure into what ultimately happens. Every divorce is different, and a judge will make a ruling based on many factors including whether or not children are involved, the income disparity between spouses, educational disparity, the events leading to the divorce and how long the couple has been married. Length of …

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Being First to File A Divorce - What's at Stake?

Being First To File For Divorce: What’s at Stake?

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There may be certain advantages to being the first to file for a divorce. Individuals who feel as though their marriages are dissolving may want to consider what’s at stake when figuring out if they want to stay or if they want to begin the process of filing. In many cases, people may have an inkling that divorce is on …

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Moving Out The Right Legal Steps Before A Divorce

Moving Out: The Right Legal Steps Before A Divorce

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One of the first considerations that comes to mind for many people considering a divorce is where to live during the proceedings. Especially for married couples who own a house together, this can be a challenging topic to consider for a number of reasons. On an emotional level, the common desire is to move out and start becoming independent once …

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Should Pre-Divorce Counseling Be Mandatory for Married Couples

Should Pre-Divorce Counseling Be Mandatory for Married Couples?

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According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, almost 40 percent of new marriages are at risk of ending in divorce. In an attempt to reverse this trend, several state and local officials are increasing their efforts to prevent divorces. One such measure is a requirement that couples attend pre-divorce counseling. Divorce counseling can help unhappy couples figure …

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What Is A Covenant Marriage?

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A covenant marriage is an additional option offered to couples who want to solidify their bond. Based on the only kind of marriage recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, covenant marriages are meant to last for a lifetime. While divorce is possible, Brief History As divorce rates rose dramatically in the 1980s and 1990s, states began introducing legislation to allow …

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Name Change After Divorce

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There are many reasons that a divorced or soon-to-be divorced individual may wish to restore their maiden name, including for professional reasons, they love their maiden name or even empowerment following a divorce. The actual process of changing or restoring a name is simple if the divorce process is still ongoing. Changing Last Names as an Adult In most states, …

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Divorce And Health Insurance

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According to a 2013 study published by the University of Michigan, around 115,000 women lose their private health insurance coverage after they are divorced. In many cases, these women are not able to get replacement coverage. Divorced women often face multiple obstacles to obtaining health insurance coverage. They may not be able to afford the employer-sponsored premiums or have been …

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Divorce From Bed And Board

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Unlike an absolute divorce, a divorce from bed and board does not absolve the marital bond between a couple. This type of claim can be filed if one spouse refuses to enter into a legal separation agreement or if the accused spouse is at fault for marital misconduct. Legal Grounds for Filing for Divorce from Bed and Board In order …

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The Different Types of Divorce

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The conventional portrayal of divorce on the silver screen and TV is usually marked by contention over serious matters like child custody and deciding who gets what when all is said and done – not to mention emotions running high, sometimes with dramatic events unfolding because of those emotions – but in reality, that form of divorce, legally known as …

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