Spouse Equity

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Continuation of health insurance is a major point of concern for many people when they are going through a divorce. Generally, spouses are listed together on one spouse’s health insurance policy. After a divorce, one party may be forced to find new insurance, which may more expensive or less robust than the policy they were on with their former spouse. …

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Using Neutrals During A Divorce

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During a divorce, many couples require the expert advice of professionals from a variety of different disciplines, including accounting, finance, psychology and other areas. The preference is to find someone who is not biased toward one party or the other – a neutral expert or simply, a neutral. These professionals can advise both parties in the divorce without concern regarding …

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Family Court

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Family Court Overview Legal cases involving families require a certain level of tact and care to ensure the safety, integrity, and happiness of the involved family members. Rather than allow such cases to get lost in the jumble of civil, criminal, and probate cases that go through the courts, court clerks often assign these matters to family courts. Because of …

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Alimony Overview The alimony meaning used today refers to a financial and legal obligation ordered of one spouse during and after a divorce. Also known as spousal support or spousal maintenance, it is a sum of money that the spouse must pay to the other each month as the divorce case is being decided in court and after a judgment …


child support lawyers

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Child Support Lawyers Overview Child support lawyers are lawyers who specialize in pursuing child maintenance for minor children involved in divorce, guardianship, paternity, or custodial disputes. These attorneys represent and advocate for the best interests of the children involved in the case. They may work in conjunction with child advocacy groups or alone depending on the circumstances of each individual …

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Divorce Lawyers

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What are Divorce Lawyers? Divorce lawyers are attorneys who specialize in the divorce law in the state in which they practice. They represent clients who want to dissolve their marriages as well as people who want to file for a legal separation or an annulment. Divorce lawyers can practice as part of a divorce or family law firm. They can …

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Selecting a Divorce Attorney in California

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Over the past years, divorce has become an everyday activity in the United States. Going through the divorce process can be both emotionally and mentally challenging. It is a hard process for all the family members especially when children are involved. Regardless of the reasons behind the divorce, the most crucial step involves finding a divorce attorney. His work is …

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Divorce in California

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California has three ways to end a marriage: legal separation, annulment and divorce. Legal separation ends a marriage, but spouses are still married. Spouses aren’t legally allowed to remarry. Many married couples choose a legal separation instead of a divorce because they may not want to end their marriage for personal or religious beliefs. An annulment nullifies, or makes a …

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Common Law Marriage Overview

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A common law marriage is a legal arrangement that presents a couple as being married. Also known as sui iuris marriage, informal marriage, marriage by fact, or marriage by habit, this arrangement allows a couple to be considered as lawfully married in states that recognize common law marriage. The couple must live together and present themselves as a married couple …

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Prenuptial Agreement Overview

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A prenuptial agreement, or a prenup as it is sometimes colloquially called, is a written contract between two people that outlines their assets and debts prior to their marriage. When considering what is a prenuptial agreement, you may understand this legally binding contract as an inventory of what property each person owns and is bringing into the union as well …

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divorce & property in California

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Divorce is only legal way to end a marriage in California. Divorce, also called dissolution of marriage, involves settling issues such as child custody, alimony and diving items owned by the couple. Sometimes referred to as dividing assets, this issue occurs when spouses decide who gets what asset. When spouses can’t decide, the court will divide their assets for them. …

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What is Family Lawyer?

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A family law attorney is a lawyer who specializes in and practices family law. Family law itself varies in definition from state to state. However, most states agree that this area of law revolves around legal matters like: marriage, civil unions, or domestic partnerships divorce, separation, or annulment adoption surrogacy paternity testing paternity fraud child abuse child abduction property settlements …

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Alimony in California

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What is Important To Know When Dealing With Spousal Support in California When a married couple in California divorces, they will have established a certain lifestyle with one another. In many situations, a court may rule that the spouse making the most money, husband or wife, is required to provide financial assistance to the other spouse. This will be to …

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Child Custody In California

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Deciding to divorce is never an easy decision for any couple, especially those who have children. While many couples can work out a satisfactory agreement on their own, others need the help of the court to be sure a time sharing plan that works for everyone in the family is in place. The following is an overview of California Child …

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How to Hire a Family Law Lawyer

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Proactive Measures to Take before Hiring a Family Lawyer When it comes to protecting your legal interests, you are your own best ally. You bear the responsibility of doing your own research and finding out what processes you will have to navigate to achieve the desired outcome of your case. Even so, you still may need to partner with an …

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Legal Separation In California

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Making the decision to divorce a spouse is never an easy one. In many instances, the couple may be unsure if they really want to end the marriage and opt for a trial separation period. In California, couples can enter into a legal separation for a period of time instead of divorcing. A legal separation is an option for those …

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How To Lower Legal Fees During A Divorce

Ways To Lower Legal Fees During A Divorce

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Divorce can be ugly, but even the most amicable ones are expensive when you consider the loss of your family’s financial status-quo, potential child support payments, the unavoidable court costs, and the extensive legal fees often involved. When looked at together, too often these lead to financial ruin and negatively impact everyone involved, even the children. While you may not …

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Chameleon Kids

Chameleon Kids

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When parents divorce, the effects it can have on the children involved are countless. This is largely due to the level of upheaval, stress and uncertainty caused by a divorce. One such potential result from a divorce is to have a child who becomes what is known as a Chameleon Kid. This is most common in shared custody cases and …

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How Credit History Can Predict Divorce

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A Kansas State University researcher (Sonya Britt, assistant professor of family studies and human services and program director of personal financial planning) discovered that couples who argue about money in the beginning stages of a relationship are the likely to get divorced. The study was originally published in Family Relations Journal in 2012 and looked at long-term data from over …

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Avoiding Insurance Revenge

Avoiding Insurance Revenge

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The stress of divorce can often lead people to do irrational and unpredictable things, especially when emotions are running high. Spouses may try to punish their former spouses by restricting time spent with children or by fighting for control of certain assets. Sometimes, though, spouses, will go to extreme lengths to get revenge, including violating terms of shared insurance. While …

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What Is The Difference Between An Emotional Affair And A Physical Affair

What Is The Difference Between An Emotional Affair And A Physical Affair?

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Marital infidelity is one of the most common grounds for marriage dissolution. In some cases when a spouse files for divorce citing irreconcilable differences, infidelity may be at the heart of the petition. While many people think about cheating in terms of one spouse committing adultery by engaging in a sexual relationship with someone they are not married to, divorce …

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Proof of Cheating Through Ceel Phone Use

Proof of Cheating Through Cellphone Use

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A cellphone provides an easy form of communication for individuals who are carrying on an extra-marital affair. A spouse can keep in touch with the other woman or man through text messages discreetly and at any time. On the other hand, cellphones provide an excellent source of evidence of infidelity. It may be possible to collect evidence such as the …

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Divorce and Bankruptcy

Divorce and Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy and divorce are often linked. Financial problems are cited frequently as reasons for marital issues that eventually lead to divorce. However, recent studies have revealed that it is only the primary factor in a low number of divorces. In some cases, divorce itself can lead to a bankruptcy filing as marital money issues turn into insurmountable debt for one …

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How To Divorce A Narcissist

How To Divorce A Narcissist

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Divorce is always stressful and painful. However, it can be made easier when both parties are able to set aside their differences and work cooperatively towards a solution. That usually does not happen when one of the spouses is a narcissist, however. Defining narcissism Narcissism is an extreme obsession with one’s self. It is the need to put one’s self …

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Divorce and Immigration

Divorce And Immigration

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For those who are married to US citizens but are immigrants to the country themselves, divorce can be incredibly complex and difficult to navigate. Accusations that the foreign-born spouse used marriage to facilitate easier immigration to the US are not uncommon. Questions about continued residence in the country or about child custody or spousal support are common ones too. Divorce …

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